Best Carburetor Cleaner And Things To Know

In the era of technology revolution 4.0 today, most automakers turn to use fuel injectors with many preeminent features. However, there are still some cars that use carburetors. The carburetor controls the amount of fuel that reaches the engine. Dirty carburetor will interrupt the fuel ram, resulting in the engine unable to maintain tank operation and resulting in malfunction. Therefore it requires cleanliness and ventilation at all times. That’s why you need a carburetor cleaner. So, what is that, and how do I choose a good carburetor cleaner? Don’t worry, this article will help you better understand this incredibly useful product. Come on, let’s find out.

1. What is the carburetor cleaner?

The Carburetor Cleaner is a cleaning solution that helps to clean carburetor parts. The product also cleans other important engine parts. It is formulated to a certain ratio to remove carb stains, leaving a clean, smooth surface to the engine. A good carburetor cleaner keeps the fuel flowing quickly and steadily, preventing unwanted situations like stalling, rough idling, etc.

The carburetor cleaner is often used in a variety of ways; It can be sprayed or soaked in the cleaning solution. Depending on the goals and design of the engine, you are free to choose the right recipe for you.

2. What are the advantages of carburetor cleaner?

  • Air and fuel flow conditioning: The cleaner helps renovate a dirty carburetor. Allow air and fuel to be distributed accurately and smoothly. Preventing problems affecting the engine’s performance.
  • Easy to use without cleaning: The carburetor cleaner enables cleaning of even the most stubborn dirt. Easy to use without scouring. All you need is. Just spray the solution onto the engine surface or immerse the part in the solution. It is very simple and saves considerable effort.
  • Varied, affordable: You will easily find the carburetor cleaner at auto parts stores or on e-commerce sites. At a fairly cheap price, just around $ 20, you get a clean and smooth carburetor again.
  • Quick action: The good carburetor cleaner is strong and fast. Helps return a clean carburetor in about an afternoon.
  • Convenience cost savings: Not only does the carburetor clean, but the good carburetor cleaner can also be used for many different parts. This saves you a sizable budget when you have to buy a cleaning solution for each part.
  • Maintain engine efficiency: Clean carburetors allow fast, continuous flow of air and fuel. Help the engine operate in the best state, save fuel.


3. Kinds of carburetor cleaners


The first one we want to talk about is the Chlorinated carburetor cleaner. It contains many volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This is the main ingredient that helps to remove stubborn dirt build up. Chlorinated carburetor cleaner is not flammable. However, VOCs are banned in some places like California because chlorine variants are not allowed to circulate.


The next one is the non-chlorinated carburetor cleaner. This is considered an alternative to chlorinated carburetor cleaner. It is basically less toxic, safe for plastic parts. However, since it does not contain chlorine, it is flammable and dries longer. This cleaner is widely available in most auto parts stores nationwide.


Most carburetor cleaners are produced in the form of a spray can or aerosol can. It requires a bit of force to be used effectively. It is difficult to access the small gaps of the carburetor with a rag, so the best way to remove dirt is to use liquid and air.


In addition to the types above, another carburetor cleaner is a dipping can. This is ideal for motor lovers and has a lot of parts that need cleaning. Instead of spraying detergent on cracks and crevices, simply soak the part in this cleaning solution. While dipping bottles are less commonly used than aerosols, they are a handy alternative.

4. Frequently asked questions

What materials can the carburetor cleaner use?

Safe for most materials. The best carburetor cleaner does not destroy ingredients whether sprayed or immersed directly in solution. In addition to metal, it can also be used for most other carburetor materials.

Does the carburetor cleaner smell?

Less odor. The odor intensity depends on the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Each manufacturer mixes detergents in their own ratio, so the intensity of the odor will vary between types. You should keep this in mind when you shop, don’t buy anything you come across.

How much should I buy?

If you are cleaning a lot of engines for a long time, you should purchase a bulk carburetor cleaner. The dipping can be an effective option in the case. However, if you intend to clean only one engine, one aerosol is sufficient. Do not buy too much will be wasteful.

What stains does the carburetor cleaner clean? Is there any corrosion?

The carburetor cleaner with strong solvents is capable of removing carbon deposits, sludge, sludge, and other secondary stains. Most carburetor cleaners are non-corrosive when used correctly.

How often should I clean?

Depends on the operating intensity of the engine and the frequency of service. However, experts recommend cleaning every six months.


The carburetor cleaner is an important, maintenance-free solution for your engine. Through this article, we hope you have learned more about the uses, benefits and precautions when using carburetor cleaner in the most effective way. Thanks for reading.

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