The fish tank types for the house

Nowadays, the trend of keeping fish in the tank is more and more popular because it not only helps your house become closer, friendly with nature but also shows the level of the owner through rare fish with extremely expensive prices. Moreover, if you know the layout of the fish tank with feng shui, it also brings a lot of money to the owner. Therefore, Depending on the space and preferences, homeowners can choose for themselves the type of tank that best suits the needs.

If your family is interested in buying the best fish tank but still does not know which one to choose, this article will be extremely helpful suggestions for you. Let’s find out now:


If the size of your room is small and cramped, an aquarium is a great suggestion for your family. Specifically, it is favored by many families because of its compact size that can be hung on a wall to save space for your home space.

Besides, If you are a person who likes the atmosphere of the sea and wants to be immersed in the ecosystem of aquatic species, the aquarium can be considered as an extremely unique miniature ecosystem. Inside the tank is the habitat of very familiar aquatic animals and plants such as fish, crabs, shrimp, algae, moss … There is an interaction with each other extremely vividly.

The most special feature of the aquarium is the ability to create a fresh and cool living environment for your home. Because the aquarium provides moisture in the air, dissolves the dirt. At the same time, the aquatic system with fresh green has contributed a lot to cool your life. Besides, the aquarium also provides oxygen to make the space in the home or office work always comfortable and pleasant.

Tank models for hanging in the wall

The wall-mounted aquarium is considered as a natural picture to help homeowners relieve fatigue and bring a sense of relaxation after hard working hours. Currently, the wall-mounted aquarium is the most popular indoor tank model because it not only saves maximum design, construction and installation, but it also has a special feng shui effect. When placing the wall-mounted aquarium in the right direction, you can bring wealth and happiness to your family members thanks to the water element in the five elements. It has the effect of regulating yin and yang, bringing an abundance of money.

Besides, the wall-mounted fish tank is not only an elegant hobby but also modern and luxurious furniture. It can create a highlight for the green space in your home

Fish tanks set on the table

Having a fish tank on your desk will help your study space and workspace become more lively and closer to nature. This type of tank has some advantages such as not spending too much money, effort and especially saving your space. With a smart layout and arrangement, you will get a vivid and colorful fish tank.

Placing the tank on the table will help you clear the mind and feel happy with more excitement and motivation when working. According to feng shui, the fish tank helps the space to receive more vitality, so your work will be increasingly convenient and promoted.

Besides, you can put this tank on your child’s desk. Instead of being entertained by surfing Facebook after stressful lessons, parents can advise their children to relax with fish tanks such as feeding, playing with fish, etc. Helping their children avoid electromagnetic waves from the phone. which can harm children’s health.

Outdoor fish tanks

Building an outdoor fish tank is a perfect plan for your family. The construction of the outdoor tank not only provides to the beauty of nature in your home but also creates a fresh air for the house. You do not need to go far to feel the majestic beauty of nature. You just need to keep an outdoor fish tank.

Usually, the depth of the tank ranges from 80 – 100cm. The size of an outdoor aquarium large or small depends on the space of your campus, which can range from a few meters to a few dozen even a few hundred square meters. Building an outdoor aquarium not only keeps aesthetics but also it need not leak or change the water several times. From that, it makes your cleaning job easier. However, building an outdoor aquarium is extremely laborious and costly. Not every family can create it. If you can afford it or your home space is wide enough, you can choose this idea for your tank.

In conclusion

Above are some fish tank models that are used and chosen the most today. You can refer to these ideas to be able to choose one that best suits your needs.

Finally, I hope that the information I have provided will be useful to you. And thank you so much for taking the time to read through this article. Have a nice day

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