The criteria to consider when choosing furniture suitable for feng shui

The home furniture is now increasingly designed to be more diverse in color, style, design to fit the needs of each customer. Besides focusing on design, quality or price of furniture. Many families, including modern families and traditional families, are concerned about how to decorate the furniture to match feng shui. Therefore, What is feng shui? Why is feng shui so focused? Feng shui an ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way that you arrange objects affects your success, health, and happiness.

Understanding that interest, In this article, I will present some criteria or tips for choosing the furniture suitable Feng Shui that you need to consider before purchasing. I don’t take much of your time anymore. Let’s start to learn and research.

The shape of the furniture

As you know, the furniture is designed into many different designs to suit each space as well as the living characteristics of each family. However, According to the concept of feng shui, the objects designed with soft curves and bows will bring more negative character about feng shui. Meanwhile, objects with angles, lines are more positive. The exception is a circle, which has a contour but is more positive than negative.

The living room is not only a place where families gather and converse every day but also a place to show the home owners personality in the arrangement and combination of furniture together. So when deciding furniture to match feng shui, you should calculate to be able to balance the yin and yang in this common space. The stability is quite important and necessary. It not only helps your home space become harmonious, attractive but also ensures about bringing luck and fortune for the whole family. Besides noticing to Feng Shui, you need to pay attention to aesthetic factors to have the most impressive, most charming space.

For example, if you are an element of fire person, you should not use angled or horseshoe dining tables in the kitchen because it will reduce your fortune. Or for spaces that need to be negative like the bedroom, you should use items such as carpets, curtains, tablecloths as decoration to show the softness … These items are negative to create quietness and comfortable.

The material of the furniture

Besides the shape of the furniture that influences the yin and yang harmony according to Feng Shui, its materials are no exception. The surface of the furniture also shows its yin and yang properties. Items with smooth, hard and shiny surfaces such as stainless steel, marble … are often positive. If you are applying these items, they will help the energy in the home circulate quickly. In contrast, negative objects have a soft, non-luminescent surface that is used to reduce the flow of energy in your home.

For example, bamboo and rattan furniture is a negative natural product, it can reduce the rate of airflow in the home.

Colors of the furniture

According to feng shui, the blue tones such as sky-blue and pale are negative, while pink, yellow or orange tones … are positive.

With the negative colors suitable for the nature of relaxation. In contrast, the color of positive air will be more suitable for fun spaces, stimulate creativity, excitement, and harmony in living space. And that color will make you feel more secure and comfortable. Therefore, many people often pay attention to this point in the decoration of classrooms and reading rooms for children to stimulate children’s ability to work and be creative.

How to arrange furniture

After completing and balancing the selection of feng shui furniture, the organization will be the final and most important stage. The choice of placement will help attract energy-related to good luck for homeowners and make these fortunes can be circulated indoors best.

Specifically as follows, For the living room, the sofa should be placed close to the wall to create a solid feeling. Combined with that is the sofa tea table at the top with enough distance to create a sense of comfort when using. Do not put them in the middle of the room because it will bring feelings of insecurity, no solidity in the path of fame and career. For other furniture such as television shelves, decorative cabinets should choose to place in the directions. For example, the North will support career paths, the South toward health as well as relationships in business.

Note: You should not leave the room space too empty. To create a cozy feeling. You can decorate the best floating shelves (which is the current trend) to enhance your home both luxurious and modern and more attractive.

In conclusion

I have presented some tips for you to refer to when you require to decorate your family furniture, which is both beautiful, modern and suitable for feng shui.

As far as I know, there is a segment of customers who do not believe in feng shui. Therefore, when choosing the furniture they often do not consider it thoroughly. You can believe it or not, that does not matter. In my opinion, choosing feng shui furniture is also quite interesting and does not make you lose anything, right? The proper arrangement according to feng shui is just a way of relating to help you can arrange your home’s furniture more scientifically. So why not try to organize and follow the criteria that I pointed out above. I am sure after completing this, you will not regret your decision.

Hopefully, the information I mentioned is useful for you. And thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

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