Electric Hand Planer – An essential device for a carpenter

In the tooling market today, there are many different wood planers with full designs, shapes, colors, which help consumers easily select the best planer and best fit their needs. Besides, there are too many types of planers that make users confused and difficult to choose.

In today’s article, I will introduce you an electric handheld planer. Why would I recommend this device? Because I am sure many people do not know or ignore this device. You will regret not knowing about this wonderful device. So what are the highlights of this machine that can make you have to equip one? Do not take much of your time anymore. Let’s find out.

What is an electric hand planer

Like other best wood planers, the electric hand planer is used to plan the surface of the board to become smooth and flat. The difference in this type of equipment is dedicated to the work of a small amount of wood to make a profit. However, to achieve high productivity. The blade of the device must be changed about two to three times. The amount of planed wood at each time is about 1/8 inches.

How does an electric hand planer work

An electric hand planer works like a non-electric model, the difference is that it replaces a fixed blade into a rotating blade to help the device remove more wood in one shorter time.

The blade of the electric planer is mounted between two metal plates. You can adjust the blade up, down and depth through the knob on the top of the device. However, An electric planer can only go down to 3/32 inches deep.

The next highlight of this device, In the process you operate the device through a log. The blade of the device can rotate at high speed (about 1000 to 2000 rpm) that, helps the surface of the wood panel smooth and flat after one cut.

Note: After planning, If you want your wood perfect. You can use a sanding tool to remove errors on the wood.

How to use an electric planer

hand wood planer

hand wood planer

The use of an electric hand planer is similar to that used for other types of hand-held planers, however, to minimize errors that can occur such as snipe and help plan the smoothest and most complete panels. You need to know the following tips.

  • First, you have to check the quality of the wood you want to plan. Is it moldy or not? Any obstacles like nails on it? To ensure that the planning process has no errors. I recommend you buy the best moisture meters to check the moisture content of the wood before you plan.
  • Second, you must secure the board firmly to prevent shaking or moving. Because, if during the planning process, the wooden plate suddenly moves to lead to uneven planing, the surface of the wood is worse.
  • Next, you need to adjust the depth of the electric planer appropriately (the adjustment button on the top of the machine or the side depends on the type) to be able to plan the amount of wood that suits your requirements not too much, not too little.
  • When you want to rest, turn the machine off and let the blade stop spinning before placing it on the wooden surface. Because, if you are not sure that the machine is off, the machine may accidentally damage the panel you are working on.
  • To plan a perfect wooden board, you need to use both hands. One hand holds the handle of the machine start button on the back. One hand put on the adjustment knob. That helps you control the force and increase the stability of the whole process.
  • Next, you must make sure the force you use to plan is stable from the beginning to the end of the process. To help keep the wood flat and leave no trace.
  • Moreover, you should not rush but need to move slowly through the blade to help the edges are more even and beautiful.
  • When you plan to the end of the board, you have to transfer all the pressure to the back of the machine (the start button) to prevent the planer from taking more wood and possibly snipe.

In conclusion

I showed you the basics and usage of the electric hand planer. Do you find it an extremely necessary tool for you? If yes, equip yourself one now. Hopefully, the article has the information you need and thank you for reading through this article.

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