The portable table saw: advantages and disadvantages

As you know, sawing is one of the indispensable tools for everyone who loves carpentry, especially carpenters. It helps users to cut wood or other materials easily and fastly.

Knowing that outstanding advantage, In the market, manufacturers have created many different types of saws from hand saws to table saws to meet all the needs of everyone.

 In today’s article, I will discuss the portable table saws. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this machine? Let’s read and find out!


Characteristics of portable table saws

A table saw is an essential machine in the furniture manufacturing industry. With the structure of the table frame and circular saw blade fixed on a part of the table.

Although each type of saw has different structures, Portable table saws also have the same criteria as others as follows::

  • Engine: Includes main motor and auxiliary motor. The engine is one of the most important things in machine operation indicating whether the machine is good or not. Therefore, it is focused and made to a high standard for stable operation and long-term working.
  • This saw is equipped with a variety of blades with width and size suitable for rail, making the machine work smoothly.
  •  Lubricating oil maintenance system: With this system, it provides lubricant to help the machine operate smoothly and effectively.
  •   The modern control system makes it possible to manually adjust up and down the saw blade, which is displayed on the screen.

Some Pros of table saws

Now we will learn about the advantages of this machine.

Portability: is the most excellent feature of this type of saw. It is equipped with wheels, so you can move anywhere from one place to another. Especially, It is convenient for carpenters in small, narrow spaces. You can move it from the indoor area to the outdoors easily.

About size: As I see other table saws such as cabinet saws, contractor saws, … are extremely large sizes. Make you difficult to use and operate. Unlike other types of saws, portable table saws with suitable sizes don’t take up much of your workspace.

Usability: This machine has a modern, powerful motor and high operating speed. This allows you to work faster and more efficiently. Most non-movable table saws can only cut large types of wood that cannot cut small pieces of wood so you have to use a hand saw to cut them. With this portable table saw, you can rest assured that it can cut all kinds of wood from small wood to big wood very convenient for users. For example, you can cut wood panels up to 3 ink thick.

Saving: When using this table saw, it takes very little energy. As a result, the need to use a large amount of electricity will decrease. Therefore, you can save a considerable amount of money.

About safety: It has anti-vibration function when using that ensures absolute safety for users.

Price: Compared to other machines of the same function, this machine has a relatively cheap price suitable for most people.

Disadvantage Of Portable Table Saws

Like other machines, there are some disadvantages besides benefits:

With compact size: It leads to limitations in cutting wood. The machine can only cut small logs easily and larger logs are more difficult. If you try to cut the wood too loudly, it will quickly damage the machine

The second disadvantage, about stabilization: Because the machine can move, during the cutting process there will be a vibration, uncertainty. Workers are very difficult to cut a perfect wooden board. Besides, It can also make it difficult and dangerous for users

About noise: When using this type of saw, it can be noisier than other types and cause discomfort to users and people around. Moreover, Some types of portable table saws have too loud noises that operate dangerously to your ears. Therefore, you must pay attention to wearing ear protection when using it

To sum up

 I have finished talking about the advantages and disadvantages of portable table saws. Is that information useful to you? I hope it’s necessary for you. Do not worry about the comparison between benefits and disadvantages when choosing products. Because any type of saw has certain disadvantages. Therefore, depending on your usage needs, consider whether to buy this machine or not.

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