The Technical To Preserve Oak Wood


Among several material of wood in the market and in the nature, the quality of Oak wood can not be underestimated. It is loved and used by many of family in general with various of good point. One of the most important reason for this situation is it is cheaper than other kind of wood material. Hence, the grain of wood still look nice and luxurious, kind of reverse to the true price you guys have to pay for it. Besides, it provides a bright color to make the product modern and young to the time. However, how to preserve Oak wood still the question of many people so today, i will discuss about this.

The Source Oak Wood

The understanding of Oak wood must be clear and right the way it is. The certain thing you want to know about this stuff is it is planted by human. In other words, it is man-made material, or you guys call it artificial. Moreover, the original source to import this resource is mostly form America and Europe countries with hard-working and patient in many year. As a result, when the Oak tree reach to year of 80, they cut it down and start to create profit from it.

The Quality of Oak

Most of people know that wood is one of the best staple you can find easily in the world. But do you understand that wood is kind of rare thing, need to be preserved because of the quality of it? The factor of the unqualified stuff in working is massive, so it need the spotlight from everyone to take care and support. However, you guys do not need to worry about the quality of Oak. It a kind of stand out the crown to other wood styles. Especially Oak wood has the source from America and Europe countries, it has the build up quality which just can use the word excellent to describe. All this reason lead to the popular of Oak wood to the carver that absolutely freaking amazing compared to the money you spend on the quality of it.

Preserve Oak in the right way

One thing need to be consider when we talk about the preserve any kind of wood in the flawless way is that the humidity of the environment around the place you store it. It need to be dry, no sign of any kind of insects such as termite and weevil, and the certain thing need to be there is the awareness of fire problem. Remember, there are no place in the earth be without the oxygen, and oxygen and wood is the deadly combination in the high temperature to create a fire. Besides, the important of the land you place the wood need to be in highly calculated consideration. There no point to preserve the wood in the land that wet and full of stinky dirt. It will harm all the hard working of you choosing the best quality of wood all around the world.

Deal with the harmful

If everything i said is too late for you because you are already in the bad situation of Oak wood preserving, do not worry to much. I am going to tell you the secret, or in other words you can understand it is the solution for this serious problem that you have to encounter. The best way to deal with all the mess you created is that eliminate it immediately when you saw it the first time. You can use several of tool to do this, but i strongly recommend you to check out the woodworking chisels for this. By the way, it is the best for you to purchase our best woodworking books for beginners to get the best experience in the darkest time of your with your lovely wood stock.


Ultimately, the best way to preserve your sweetly wood log is use it immediately by the time you bought it. It is kind of a hard thing to do, especially when you have no idea of what you are doing. But i do think that you can have a nice time with your log of wood by hard working and never stop to be creative. And do not forget that caution is the key of everything in Oak preserved process. Practice make perfect, and every mistake you make will help you master all of this stuff i recommend to you.

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