Iron-Wood (Tali) Turorial


In particular, iron-wood is very popular, they are often used to make columns, rafters, beams … and structural parts in ancient buildings. In addition, it is also popular for making household appliances such as wooden doors, beds, counter tops … Iron-wood has very precious properties that are not warped, cracked, deformed due to the weather so it is very popular. The language from the past to the present has not lost its value.

Biological Attribute of Tali W00d

Tali wood is one of the hardest wood not only in Vietnam, but also the world wide’s carvers. Hence, it belongs to Fabaceae family, genus Erythrocyte, Erythrocyte fordii. Tali tree is a very hard, strong, heavy tree species that is not attacked by termites. Moreover, they are brown to dark brown. Thus, it has good compression resistance. Wood grain of Tali is quite twisted, if left for long or soaked in mud, the wood surface is black.

Physical Attribute of Tali W0od

Iron-wood is the kind of wood that has the smell very bad, causing allergy to the nose of the one who breaths that. Especially the species of Tali that grown in the natural of rain forest areas. As a result, in the process of manufacturing or construction of woodworking process, try not to inhale the saw dust of it. If anyone accidentally inhaled that, it would burn the sensation of the nose for those who contact in direct with them. Besides, Tali wood is also a rare and precious species of wood. For instance, it is classified into group 2 of rarest kind of wood in Vietnamese wood groups. By the way, they are the heaviest in the category of wood.

 Uses of Tali

Thanks to its hard and firm characteristics, the biggest advantage can be named of Tali wood is that it is not deformed by the weather, even the hardest rain or high rate of moire in the tropical countries. Tali wood has also popular to the ability of being the main force-bearing structure for the architectural forms of wooden houses such as columns, trusses. and the outer frame of house. They are even excellent in being made to be floorboards of the luxury villas all over the world.

The Misunderstand

Iron-wood, though favored as a home-made interior and exterior supplies, in the field of household furniture showing the bad potential. Both people from the past and nowadays people do not like to use Tali wood to make chairs or bed. Because they assume that Tali wood has toxic: In the process of working and contacting with this kind of wood, the worker usually allergic to sneezing or itching. Although there are no documents or research that prove this figure right or wrong, perhaps this concept is just cause by the hardness of the Tali wood. The sawing wood chips are often very small, but it is very sharp, floating in the air causing the phenomenons.

Working with Tali Wood

There are several way to deal with wood, but hardness kind of wood is a totally different field. Remember that you always need quality tools to provide the best cut in the wood, which create the best quality for the final products. For these reasons, i highly recommend you try the best Makita drill or the best Dewalt drill in working process with Tali wood. They are the greatest tool for you to keep in touch with the line you have made from the head to the tail of the log of wood.

The Best Source Of Tali Wood

As other types of wood such as red type, Tali wood in the Central Highlands of Vietnam (Blue Tali wood), Tali wood from other countries such as Congo, South Africa, etc… are the best sources for you to find a good log of iron-wood. They also are both Fabaceae, Erythrophleum and Erythrophleum fordii. However, please aware the invalid or illegal Tali wood from the border. In other words, please equip for yourself enough knowledge to classify which is legal and which one is illegal. The legal one usually has the price is higher than the invalid one. But the certification of quality is what you intend to pay for the difference in price, right? So take care and be a smart consumer, develop your skill to be the best man in woodworking.

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