The component foot cutting pliers and its functions

To begin with this article, I want to tell you a story about my childhood day with the pliers. I remember that when I was a child, I often played and did some simple electrical works for my father. I can say that the pliers were one of the most important memories of me during childhood day because it brought me a lot of beautiful memories. I always thought that my father is the best electrician in the world whenever I saw his work. Working as an electrician, my father always has to contact and work with so many types of pliers such as the wire cutting pliers, electronic pliers, pointed beak pliers, and so on. It is very common when I see all of these devices in his tool kit. That also is one of the reasons that make the pliers always on my mind until now. And especially, I am very excited when exploring each plier. So in this article, I will reveal to you one of the pliers that I have already known and used during childhood day. This device is the component foot cutting pliers.



The background of the component foot cutting pliers

So far, the component foot cutting pliers is the name that a lot of people know and believe to use for their works. We can see and find any component foot cutting pliers in anywhere in the world because the component foot cutting pliers are produced and given extremely wide application. According to my memory, the component foot cutting pliers are very small and simple. Sometimes I mistook this tool for the scissors. Do you think that it is very silly?. But it is true that the shape of the component foot cutting is quite same as the scissors. Both of them also consist of the head and the handle part that sometimes we can be confused. Now I know that the component foot cutting pliers is a compact device that is made to cut various types of small wires and electronic component foot. Especially, the component foot cutting pliers are a handheld tool so we can easily hold on our hand during working.

It can be said that with the electricians, the electronic pliers are very well-liked and broadly utilized in works that relate to electricity. And it likes a joke that if the electricians do not have the electronic pliers in their toolbox, they are not electricians. However, my father said that although the electronic pliers are the most important devices in his tool kit, each type of plier will play different functions that are appropriate with each demand of people. Besides, he also said that it is extremely necessary for every people to find out the best pliers set to have the best result in working. Each plier will have its function and structure that makes the world of pliers become very plentiful and special.

The important profit of the component foot cutting pliers

First of all, as I mentioned before, the component foot cutting pliers are always value and beneficial for our life. Moreover, this device has a lot of advantages in both professional works and common works. so I would like to express some significant advantages that make you change your thought and determine to buy one component foot cutting plier immediately here.

  • The component foot cutting pliers have a special construction: if you have seen the reality of the component foot cutting pliers, you would have been surprised with this structure. Do you know why? Although this tool is created with a compact and simple form, the advantages and functions of it are extremely large and unlimited. You know that the shape of this tool is quite same as the scissors’ shape. However, we must note that the component foot cutting pliers are shorter than the scissors and this device also has some prominent characteristic in the construction. The head of it is made mostly of hard and good steel. The blade of this tool is very sharp and pointy. That is a good feature but we also need to be careful when using the component foot cutting pliers. Because sometimes it can hurt you.
  • The component foot cutting pliers are actually convenient for users: this device can help us cut the small wires and component foot parts in the easiest way. With high accuracy and high efficiency, the component foot cutting pliers become the perfect choice for a lot of people.

In conclusion

The advantages of the component foot cutting pliers in our life can be countless. It is an essential handheld tool in many different areas of each country in the world. I hope that with the pliers, you can be successful in your works.

The advantages and disadvantages of the corded staple gun and the cordless staple gun

It is not deniable is that the staple machine is so close to many people and widely used in many countries in the world. The stapling machine has a variety application in many important fields of society such as the construction works, the carpentry works, and the decorative works. The staple gun can be considered as one of the most important modern devices that are invented by the unlimited intelligence of human nowadays. That is the reason why the staple gun has popularly appeared in most fields of society in a lot of country in the world. In this article, I will show you some information about the corded staple gun and the cordless staple gun.


The general overview of the staple gun

Nowadays, with the appearance of the staple machine has changed a lot the life of the human. This machine brings us a lot of benefits that we need to thank for. A staple gun is a held-hand machine that is designed to force the metal staples into the paper, plastic, wood, and fabric. Generally, depending on the energy supplying to the machine, people divide the staple gun into three main types that are the manual staple machine, the electric staple gun, and the compressed air staple gun. Each type of the staple machine has its advantage and disadvantage about the structure, the energy supply, and maybe the function. The appearance of the staple machine on the market nowadays can make us be surprised a lot because there are so many staple guns with different types and functions in most of the store. That creates for us many chances to choose the appropriate staple machine that we like. However, it also makes us be in difficult situations because we do not know how to choose the best staple gun when we see so many staple guns like that. So let me give you some information about the corded staple gun and the cordless staple gun.

What is the common feature between the corded staple gun and the cordless staple gun?

An electric staple gun is also a handheld machine that is widely used by many people now. The electric staple gun is different from other types such as the manual staple gun and the compressed air staple gun that the electric staple machine includes two kinds: the cordless staple gun and the corded staple gun. So it is very convenient for us to choose any types that are appropriate for our needs. Both the cordless and corded staple gun are also designed with compact and simple designs that make us easier to hold and use them. Especially, both of them is very safe to human because the case of the machine is made by the high-quality plastic that can insulate. Moreover, the cordless staple machine and the corded staple gun can be used in many fields such as the carpentry works and the construction works. They are applied to force the metal staples into various material such as wood, plastic, paper, and fabric. So they have a high application in our life.

The differences between the corded staple gun and the cordless staple gun

  • The corded staple gun and the cordless staple gun is different about the structure: it is very clear to realize the difference between them when we look at their names. The cordless staple drill uses the battery to staple materials while the corded staple gun uses the electric motor to staple. That is also enough to see the different about the electricity supply. The cordless staple machine is connected directly to the power outlet so this machine may have more energy to staple than the cordless staple machine. Otherwise, the cordless staple gun uses the battery to staple materials, so it can receive less energy.
  • They are different from the usage: firstly, the cordless staple gun uses the battery to staple materials so we need to charge fully before using it to have the best efficiency. Otherwise, with the corded staple gun, we just need to connect directly the machine with the outlet and then we use it immediately. However, the cordless staple gun is better in moving than the corded staple gun. That is because we can use and move the cordless staple gun in any places even where there is no electricity. And with the corded staple gun, we only use this machine in the places where there has electricity.

In conclusion

Both the corded staple drill and the cordless drill bring us many benefits in life. I think we should buy them in working to have high efficiency.

The portable table saw: advantages and disadvantages

As you know, sawing is one of the indispensable tools for everyone who loves carpentry, especially carpenters. It helps users to cut wood or other materials easily and fastly.

Knowing that outstanding advantage, In the market, manufacturers have created many different types of saws from hand saws to table saws to meet all the needs of everyone.

 In today’s article, I will discuss the portable table saws. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this machine? Let’s read and find out!


Characteristics of portable table saws

A table saw is an essential machine in the furniture manufacturing industry. With the structure of the table frame and circular saw blade fixed on a part of the table.

Although each type of saw has different structures, Portable table saws also have the same criteria as others as follows::

  • Engine: Includes main motor and auxiliary motor. The engine is one of the most important things in machine operation indicating whether the machine is good or not. Therefore, it is focused and made to a high standard for stable operation and long-term working.
  • This saw is equipped with a variety of blades with width and size suitable for rail, making the machine work smoothly.
  •  Lubricating oil maintenance system: With this system, it provides lubricant to help the machine operate smoothly and effectively.
  •   The modern control system makes it possible to manually adjust up and down the saw blade, which is displayed on the screen.

Some Pros of table saws

Now we will learn about the advantages of this machine.

Portability: is the most excellent feature of this type of saw. It is equipped with wheels, so you can move anywhere from one place to another. Especially, It is convenient for carpenters in small, narrow spaces. You can move it from the indoor area to the outdoors easily.

About size: As I see other table saws such as cabinet saws, contractor saws, … are extremely large sizes. Make you difficult to use and operate. Unlike other types of saws, portable table saws with suitable sizes don’t take up much of your workspace.

Usability: This machine has a modern, powerful motor and high operating speed. This allows you to work faster and more efficiently. Most non-movable table saws can only cut large types of wood that cannot cut small pieces of wood so you have to use a hand saw to cut them. With this portable table saw, you can rest assured that it can cut all kinds of wood from small wood to big wood very convenient for users. For example, you can cut wood panels up to 3 ink thick.

Saving: When using this table saw, it takes very little energy. As a result, the need to use a large amount of electricity will decrease. Therefore, you can save a considerable amount of money.

About safety: It has anti-vibration function when using that ensures absolute safety for users.

Price: Compared to other machines of the same function, this machine has a relatively cheap price suitable for most people.

Disadvantage Of Portable Table Saws

Like other machines, there are some disadvantages besides benefits:

With compact size: It leads to limitations in cutting wood. The machine can only cut small logs easily and larger logs are more difficult. If you try to cut the wood too loudly, it will quickly damage the machine

The second disadvantage, about stabilization: Because the machine can move, during the cutting process there will be a vibration, uncertainty. Workers are very difficult to cut a perfect wooden board. Besides, It can also make it difficult and dangerous for users

About noise: When using this type of saw, it can be noisier than other types and cause discomfort to users and people around. Moreover, Some types of portable table saws have too loud noises that operate dangerously to your ears. Therefore, you must pay attention to wearing ear protection when using it

To sum up

 I have finished talking about the advantages and disadvantages of portable table saws. Is that information useful to you? I hope it’s necessary for you. Do not worry about the comparison between benefits and disadvantages when choosing products. Because any type of saw has certain disadvantages. Therefore, depending on your usage needs, consider whether to buy this machine or not.

The Technical To Preserve Oak Wood


Among several material of wood in the market and in the nature, the quality of Oak wood can not be underestimated. It is loved and used by many of family in general with various of good point. One of the most important reason for this situation is it is cheaper than other kind of wood material. Hence, the grain of wood still look nice and luxurious, kind of reverse to the true price you guys have to pay for it. Besides, it provides a bright color to make the product modern and young to the time. However, how to preserve Oak wood still the question of many people so today, i will discuss about this.

The Source Oak Wood

The understanding of Oak wood must be clear and right the way it is. The certain thing you want to know about this stuff is it is planted by human. In other words, it is man-made material, or you guys call it artificial. Moreover, the original source to import this resource is mostly form America and Europe countries with hard-working and patient in many year. As a result, when the Oak tree reach to year of 80, they cut it down and start to create profit from it.

The Quality of Oak

Most of people know that wood is one of the best staple you can find easily in the world. But do you understand that wood is kind of rare thing, need to be preserved because of the quality of it? The factor of the unqualified stuff in working is massive, so it need the spotlight from everyone to take care and support. However, you guys do not need to worry about the quality of Oak. It a kind of stand out the crown to other wood styles. Especially Oak wood has the source from America and Europe countries, it has the build up quality which just can use the word excellent to describe. All this reason lead to the popular of Oak wood to the carver that absolutely freaking amazing compared to the money you spend on the quality of it.

Preserve Oak in the right way

One thing need to be consider when we talk about the preserve any kind of wood in the flawless way is that the humidity of the environment around the place you store it. It need to be dry, no sign of any kind of insects such as termite and weevil, and the certain thing need to be there is the awareness of fire problem. Remember, there are no place in the earth be without the oxygen, and oxygen and wood is the deadly combination in the high temperature to create a fire. Besides, the important of the land you place the wood need to be in highly calculated consideration. There no point to preserve the wood in the land that wet and full of stinky dirt. It will harm all the hard working of you choosing the best quality of wood all around the world.

Deal with the harmful

If everything i said is too late for you because you are already in the bad situation of Oak wood preserving, do not worry to much. I am going to tell you the secret, or in other words you can understand it is the solution for this serious problem that you have to encounter. The best way to deal with all the mess you created is that eliminate it immediately when you saw it the first time. You can use several of tool to do this, but i strongly recommend you to check out the woodworking chisels for this. By the way, it is the best for you to purchase our best woodworking books for beginners to get the best experience in the darkest time of your with your lovely wood stock.


Ultimately, the best way to preserve your sweetly wood log is use it immediately by the time you bought it. It is kind of a hard thing to do, especially when you have no idea of what you are doing. But i do think that you can have a nice time with your log of wood by hard working and never stop to be creative. And do not forget that caution is the key of everything in Oak preserved process. Practice make perfect, and every mistake you make will help you master all of this stuff i recommend to you.

Iron-Wood (Tali) Turorial


In particular, iron-wood is very popular, they are often used to make columns, rafters, beams … and structural parts in ancient buildings. In addition, it is also popular for making household appliances such as wooden doors, beds, counter tops … Iron-wood has very precious properties that are not warped, cracked, deformed due to the weather so it is very popular. The language from the past to the present has not lost its value.

Biological Attribute of Tali W00d

Tali wood is one of the hardest wood not only in Vietnam, but also the world wide’s carvers. Hence, it belongs to Fabaceae family, genus Erythrocyte, Erythrocyte fordii. Tali tree is a very hard, strong, heavy tree species that is not attacked by termites. Moreover, they are brown to dark brown. Thus, it has good compression resistance. Wood grain of Tali is quite twisted, if left for long or soaked in mud, the wood surface is black.

Physical Attribute of Tali W0od

Iron-wood is the kind of wood that has the smell very bad, causing allergy to the nose of the one who breaths that. Especially the species of Tali that grown in the natural of rain forest areas. As a result, in the process of manufacturing or construction of woodworking process, try not to inhale the saw dust of it. If anyone accidentally inhaled that, it would burn the sensation of the nose for those who contact in direct with them. Besides, Tali wood is also a rare and precious species of wood. For instance, it is classified into group 2 of rarest kind of wood in Vietnamese wood groups. By the way, they are the heaviest in the category of wood.

 Uses of Tali

Thanks to its hard and firm characteristics, the biggest advantage can be named of Tali wood is that it is not deformed by the weather, even the hardest rain or high rate of moire in the tropical countries. Tali wood has also popular to the ability of being the main force-bearing structure for the architectural forms of wooden houses such as columns, trusses. and the outer frame of house. They are even excellent in being made to be floorboards of the luxury villas all over the world.

The Misunderstand

Iron-wood, though favored as a home-made interior and exterior supplies, in the field of household furniture showing the bad potential. Both people from the past and nowadays people do not like to use Tali wood to make chairs or bed. Because they assume that Tali wood has toxic: In the process of working and contacting with this kind of wood, the worker usually allergic to sneezing or itching. Although there are no documents or research that prove this figure right or wrong, perhaps this concept is just cause by the hardness of the Tali wood. The sawing wood chips are often very small, but it is very sharp, floating in the air causing the phenomenons.

Working with Tali Wood

There are several way to deal with wood, but hardness kind of wood is a totally different field. Remember that you always need quality tools to provide the best cut in the wood, which create the best quality for the final products. For these reasons, i highly recommend you try the best Makita drill or the best Dewalt drill in working process with Tali wood. They are the greatest tool for you to keep in touch with the line you have made from the head to the tail of the log of wood.

The Best Source Of Tali Wood

As other types of wood such as red type, Tali wood in the Central Highlands of Vietnam (Blue Tali wood), Tali wood from other countries such as Congo, South Africa, etc… are the best sources for you to find a good log of iron-wood. They also are both Fabaceae, Erythrophleum and Erythrophleum fordii. However, please aware the invalid or illegal Tali wood from the border. In other words, please equip for yourself enough knowledge to classify which is legal and which one is illegal. The legal one usually has the price is higher than the invalid one. But the certification of quality is what you intend to pay for the difference in price, right? So take care and be a smart consumer, develop your skill to be the best man in woodworking.

ATTENTION: Rutherford County Residents

I’ve written before about my journey to healthier living over the last several months. I’ve now lost over 110 pounds since January and I owe much of my success to the fantastic staff and facilities at Olympus Athletic Club in Murfreesboro.

Sean, Charlie, and the rest of the staff are helpful, understanding, and very knowledgeable. All the misconceptions I had of gym memberships went out the window after getting to know the folks at Olympus. The atmosphere is great for the beginner at any age, to the seasoned fitness junkie.

That being said, I’m pleased to announce that if you talk to Charlie Grazer at Olympus and mention you found out about him from this site you will receive HALF OFF your enrollment fee, and the still incredible monthly price of only $14.99

Enrollment cut from $100 to only $50, and $14.99 per month after that. 

Call Olympus at 615-895-0604, ask for Charlie and tell him Nathan McIntyre sent you.

Lose weight and add years to your life. The time is NOW.

Check out the link to their site in my “Friends of the Porch” section to the right. Watch for their new location coming soon on Church street, next to Kroger in Murfreesboro

Steve Spurrier’s step into Politics

I came across this article on Steve Spurrier and it provoked me. Apparently Spurrier has a problem with the presence of the Confederate Battle saltire on a monument to Confederate soldiers in Columbia.

Spurrier: “I realize I’m not supposed to get in the political arena as a football coach, but if anybody were ever to ask me about that damn Confederate flag, I would say we need to get rid of it. I’ve been told not to talk about that. But if anyone were ever to ask me about it, I certainly wish we could get rid of it.”

I’ve always admired the old ball coach for his prowess on the field. Perhaps he should limit himself to that arena.

“The flag was removed from the dome in 2000 but placed at the Confederate Soldier Monument on Statehouse grounds. The state chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said that was not good enough and continued its boycott. The initial boycott drew wide support from inside and outside the state, but encouragement for the ongoing effort has waned in recent years.”

I’ll address a couple problems here. The Confederate flag is exactly that. A flag. A symbol. Symbols by nature are to be interpreted. Each individual is free to interpret that symbol however they choose. It is absolutely impossible and inappropriate to fiat one meaning upon all citizens for a flag, or any other symbol for the most part. It represents different things to different people–some good things, and some bad.

Furthermore, and even more importantly concessions were already made. The flag was removed from the courthouse and placed in an area reserved for history. In my estimation it is absolutely an appropriate place for the flag to fly. Would it not be a greater disgrace and slight to the memory of these citizens to hang a US flag over them; that is, to posthumously display the banner of their conquerors over a memorial dedicated to time gone by?

It does bother me to no end at the same time to see the actual Battle Flag flown. To the best of my knowledge flying a battle flag off the battlefield is contrary to the purpose of the emblem. The use of “battle flags” is quite antiquated, but suffice it to say it’s just not proper. Other Confederate emblems in a case such as this would be much more apropos.

Ultimately in view of decorum and history there is no appropriate place to actually fly the Confederate battle flag (notice I did not say “display”). I’d love to see the day that those were the motivating factor behind discussions such as this, not simple minded political correctness. “I don’t like it” is a fine reason to end something until you’re on the short end of the stick.

The evils perpetrated by rogue entities such as the Ku Klux Klan were done under Southern, and US flags. While I, as most of us would, disagree with what they stood for let’s be careful once again at rallying upon the slippery slope of moral indignation. It is all too easy to slip into politically correct totalitarianism of the mind. Facts in cases such as this are far too difficult to cipher.

Especially when they are shrouded in 140 years of historical revisionism.

Coach, go play ball

An American Front Porch: Ron Paul: A New Hope?

I have been hesitant to really jump into the Presidential debate because of, quite frankly, the lack of candidates. The debate has been largely dominated on the socialist left by the Clintons and Obamas of the world, who are wholy unnacceptable. John Edwards is a joke, and a possible enemy of the American economy.

On the right you have Rudy and McCain, who are seemingly in a contest to see who can be the most liberal, and Fred Thompson is somewhere in the wilderness while crowds stand outside Jerusalem with palm branches in hand.

Then I began to seriously check out Ron Paul’s (R-TX) bid for the White House.

Sure, he’s not the sexy pick. But his platform honors liberty, American sovreignty, and personal freedom. I would urge you to check it out.

Here is the rundown:

Debt/Taxes: The lower, the better.

American Sovreignty: NAFTA, etc. are a threat to our national independence.

War: War’s not evil, but Iraq was one big oopsy. Let’s do our thing and get out.

Border Security: Why fight terrorists abroad if we let them in the back yard? Secure borders…

Privacy: “The biggest threat to your privacy is the government”. ‘Nuf said.

Property Rights/Imminent Domain: we must respect each citizens right to the pursuit of property.

That’s it in a nutshell, but do visit his campaign site. For We the People it is time to get the word out on a candidate that actually might know we are the boss

Second Ammendment Rules Supreme in Tennessee

This time old Phil is getting it right.

Tennessee Governer Phil Bredesen this week has indicated his support for measures in Tennessee disallowing the State to restrict the sale and movement of firearms during times of natural disasters. Following Hurricane Katrina we all remember the stories of violence and brutality as the only citizens allowed to be armed were street thugs, left to their hoarding.

This is just good natured common sense. Government can not be everywhere they are needed in times of major stresses. It is up to the individual to ensure the safety of those he or she holds dear, and if someone unwisely chooses to assault a legally armed citizen what is hard to understand?

They made a choice and will reap the consequences.

Bredesen’s stance sends a fantastic message to the rest of the nation as to how Tennesseans view the Constitution. The First Ammendment is the crown jewel of western philosophy. The Second Ammendment makes the entire Bill of Rights possible to keep with the people.

“I had a concern about chipping away the powers of a governor during an emergency. If you have an emergency, you want to make sure governors have got enough tools in their hands.” Bredesen said.

Any government that fears loss of power and therefore confiscates the power of citizens to defend themselves is despotic. There is nothing for any Governor to fear if they govern with humility and reverence for those who have given them office. Readers, remember who really is in charge here.

The scenes of chaos were enough to wake up many “gun control” advocates blindly calling for “scary looking gun bans” and the like. Even now, as citizens come back to New Orleans they walk the streets a little safer, and more aware.

I am fortunate enough to never have had the need to defend myself with lethal force. The thought does not excite me. Although I did grow up with guns. My father taught me to shoot at a young age, and doing so taught me responsibility, and awareness of how power is to be wielded. These lessons are good for all of us. I fear the day that no one knows them.

Between this and D.C. getting their guns back (as toothless as the ruling has been made at present) this has been way too good of a year already.